Internship Reference: DLIT05

Company Description:

This trading company was established in Pakistan in 1985 as an enterprise and has been expanded to a group of companies providing international trade, business consultancy, information technology and tourism services, textile and sports goods manufacturing and consumer products.

The started operating in China in 2014 with consultant services, and now is providing a wide range of products and services to the industries around the globe. Apart from import of internationally sourced products to China, the company also exports China-manufactured goods of its own brands and also offers services related to trade and logistics to third-party sellers based in China. Furthermore, the company is a trusted partner for Chinese institutions with regards to international investment projects, especially in Pakistan.

Internship Position:

Website Editor and Administrator

Internship Description:

  • assist the company in website editing and adminstration
  • manage the company’s website and keep it up to date
  • implement new functions where required
  • handle network administration

Internship Requirements:

  • major in computer sciences / web-design
  • interest and experience in web development / network administration
  • technology-savvy
  • working fluency in English language
  • additional language skills, especially Mandarin, are a plus

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