Internship Reference: DLIT03

Company Description:

Dalian’s largest and most active international outdoors group for hiking, walking, travel, day trips, holidays, and outdoor adventures. The company aims to create more opportunities for expatriates and international students in Dalian to communicate in more fantastic ways, like outdoor activities, and visiting scenic spots with their friends and family in a more convenient and economical way. They organize all the logistics for the trips so that participants can just turn up, walk and have a great time and meet new people while enjoying the great outdoors. For anyone who enjoys hiking, trips and cultural activities in and around Dalian, this young and innovative company is the go-to partner.

Internship Position:

Website programmer

Internship Description:

  • programme, manage and edit company website
  • programme, manage and edit corporate social media account
  • consult with management team about implementation


  • experience in HTML5 programming
  • experience with Java programming and use
  • major or strong interest in programming / webdesign
  • previous experience building websites is a strong plus