Internship Reference: QDSP02

Company Introduction:

This is an energetic and progressive young company that was established in 2009 with highly qualified and motivated staff. Our purpose is to show football (soccer) and other sports from a different angle and raise awareness to other less known sports in China. Our international network has been growing since 2004, and it helps to find the right solution to every challenge. The company set up a football academy in Qingdao in 2013 which aims to develop football as a grassroots initiative in Qingdao. Based on this, the company is developing its football academy in order to find and educate talented students who wish to either be professional footballers or to study abroad through the company’s scholarship program.

The company’s services include event organisation, sport management, business development, network extension and sport tourism.

Number of Staff: 3

Internship Position:

Football Coaching Internship

Internship Description:

We are looking for a young, highly motivated and creative football coach who likes children and wants to experience different cultures. He will be:

  • Organising events
  • Responsible for creating coaching programmes
  • Creating schedules and timetables
  • Helping with coaching


  • Previous coaching experience would be an asset
  • Have good English proficiency
  • Any teaching experience would be beneficial, but not required
  • Leadership qualities are also beneficial
  • Good with children