Vietnam’s Climate

Vietnam’s Climate


Vietnam’s climate is split between tropical and temperate zones bringing with them sun, strong monsoon rainfall, humidity and heat!

Average Temperature

The average annual temperature in Vietnam ranges between 22°C and 27°C, with very mild winters, but hot humid summers. It’s mountainous areas can be cooler and dryer and northern Vietnam experiences comparatively cool winters. Both the north and south both have wet summers and dry winters. Typhoons and tropical storms from the east also affect Vietnam., and these are most prevalent between May and November, but can be at their fiercest between July and November.


Ho Chi Minh City climate chart


Rainfall and Sunshine

In the South, near Ho Chi Minh rainfall is highest between May and November, with the highest rainfall in September. The rest of the year is sunny and relatively dry.

Best of all in the south, the sea stays warm all year round! Sea temperature averages 27°C in January (the coldest month) and as high as 30°C in summer, meaning you can swim comfortably all year round.

Ho Chi Minh’s average lowest winter temperature tends to be just 21°C, and its highest summer temperature 35°C, so look forward to plenty of warm weather!