Interview with Conor, East Asia Composites

Interview with Conor, East Asia Composites


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1. Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Conor and I’m from near Belfast in Northern Ireland. Currently I’m studying Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast. My biggest interest back in Ireland is probably playing Gaelic football, an Irish sport that came along before rugby and soccer. I came to China this summer because I wanted a fun and challenging new experience. ‘Measure once cut twice’ is my mantra!


2. Tell us something about your internship. What is your average working day like?

My internship has been a thoroughly challenging and rewarding experience. The role I have taken up here has encompassed many different things but mainly design engineering. I have been involved in numerous projects in which we have come up with innovative design solutions. For instance, we are manufacturing a 40 metre composite roof structure for a project in the Philippines. Some aspects of the design needed to be developed further and I played a key role in this.

InternChina - Interview with Conor
InternChina – Interview with Conor

3. What did you gain from your experience in Zhuhai and/or China in general?

From my experience in Zhuhai, I have made many friends from all walks of life that I will continue to have for the rest of my life. I went to experience the culture of China which is very different and I’ve seen things here, that would be headline news for days at home, simply shrugged at.


4. Is there a funny story you’d like to share?

Funny story? Few inside jokes that probably aren’t appropriate but funniest thing that happened to me was probably getting stranded 30km from Yangshuo after running the electric scooter battery flat along with 7 others, getting spilt up with no reception and having to make our way back. Eventually after ages of door to door, a guy towed us back with a motorbike… but we made it back alive and did what anyone would do following our ordeal… went straight to the bar.

InternChina - Conor
InternChina – Making Friends

5. What advice would you give to future interns and would you recommend doing an internship in China?

Advice would be to keep trying new things, be it food, places, people – just get out there and get stuck in. I would say that coming here has been the coolest thing I’ve ever done and if I could I would love to stay for longer. So yes, I would recommend coming!


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