Interview with Weiguo Solutions

Interview with Weiguo Solutions


We had a short chat with the Director of Operations at Weiguo Solutions. Weiguo, 威国 “Way Gwo”, meaning “To Shake the Nation” was established in 2007, and is an employee-owned business head-quartered in Hong Kong. Here is a brief insight into the internships that Weiguo Solutions offers and how it can make a statement on your CV.

Introduce yourself and your company

Hi I’m Abs, from Mauritius. I have a BSc in Psychology and I am currently Director of Operations at Weiguo Solutions.  Weiguo Solutions is a company that does product design, development and distribution in the outdoor industry, especially for travel and sports gear.

Why is Weiguo Solutions based in Zhuhai?

Zhuhai is a very light city, meaning it’s not very developed yet. It is undergoing development and there are a lot of opportunities and new things happening here. It is also very close to Macau and Hong Kong making it very convenient.

Could you provide a brief overview of your internship positions at Weiguo Solutions?

We usually take people in finance and we have taken on a lot of interns recently in our operations department; meaning supply chain, customer logistics, and quality control. We also do a lot of design and development which is a new area where we try to work with InternChina to get some more people in graphic design and design.

What do you expect from an intern?

Ambitious. We need them to be ambitious!

Do you have any tips for interns to get the most out of their time in China?

You have got to be outgoing and got to be ready to try new things. It is important to be passionate and ready to embrace the experience when you get here; the food, travel and culture. You will get a completely different way of looking at the world.

How do you feel experience abroad can impact an intern’s future career?

I think it gives interns a better perspective of how the job world works; in terms of management, leadership, how you get into a job, what do you make of a job. It’s full immersion as we say.

How does your company benefit from interns?

Interns bring new ideas; you know us in management have been doing a job nine to ten years so we’re not in touch with the academic aspect of things. Interns bring a new way of looking at and approaching things.