Introducing Aaron, our Chengdu Customer Relations Intern

Introducing Aaron, our Chengdu Customer Relations Intern


Hello, everyone! My name is Yang Jianning, Aaron is my English name. I’m very happy to be starting my internship with INTERNCHINA. It’s a very good chance to make friends and improve myself. My colleagues have taught me a lot of things, and they are very enthusiastic. The office manager, Paul Yeandle is a funny guy who brings us a lot of joy, but also works very seriously.

InternChina - Aaron
InternChina – Aaron

I’m a postgraduate student from Sichuan University, in which I have studied for five years. I’m energetic, outgoing and easy going guy with a lot of hobbies, such as listening to music and playing basketball. While at University I often ate Chengdu cuisine, which is known for its spicy flavours. It is said that spicy food can prevent arthritis, so this maybe why spicy food is so popular in Sichuan. During my time at Sichuan University, I learnt a lot from my teachers and classmates, who I must thank sincerely.

InternChina - Danba
InternChina – Danba (source)

I was born in 1992 to a happy family and as an only child I was the apple of my parents eye. They taught me perseverance, how to be conscientious and push to constantly improve myself.
When at home, in DanBa, I often do farm work with my parents. I like to feel the sunshine on my skin and work up a sweat. With my parents, I’m always happy, no matter what I do. In summer, I go climbing with my father to find wild mushrooms known as Matsutake mushrooms which are quite famous in China and are known to reduce the possibility of abnormal formations in children. In autumn in Danba, the scenery is beautiful, and there are lots of local festivals, it’s a very special time.

InternChina - Danba in Autumn
InternChina – Danba in Autumn (source)

I would love to invite my colleagues and friends to my home one day to experience a different life.