Introduction and Visa application procedures for Interns.

Introduction and Visa application procedures for Interns.

Hi All!
I am Philippe Touzin and I am the newly appointed InternChina Office Manager in Zhuhai. So if you come over to Zhuhai we will definitely meet and get to know each other!

Currently I am in the UK, London, waiting to have my working Visa/permanent residence (Z Visa)-and i received it today thus ready to head back to China!

I would like to introduce briefly to you all the process for Interns such as yourselves on how to acquire the correct Visas, for more details, have a look here,

Once you have signed the contract with InternChina for an internship in a company of your choice, we will then send you an Invitation Letter.
This letter is the document you need to apply at your local Chinese embassy or Visa center, you will be applying for a F Visa. This is the appropriate Visa for an Internship as set by Chinese government.
So with our letter its simple to go, apply and then travel to China! You can chose in your application to have several entry or double or single entry Visa, apply for the one you wish, but i suggest a multi-entry visa, so that you enjoy the joys of Hong-Kong and Macao! However the Chinese embassy constantly change their regulations and they are the ones to have the last word in how many entries you receive…but don’t worry you’ll have a great time in any case. :D. Professionally and Socially.

I hope you all had great Festivities!