Introduction to new InternChina member – Christopher Villegas-Cho

Introduction to new InternChina member – Christopher Villegas-Cho

My name is Christopher Villegas-Cho. I am currently in my final year of study at McGill University studying International Development and Political Science.

Culturally, I come from a pretty mixed background, my mother being third generation Chinese in Canada and my father a first generation Peruvian immigrant. Born and raised in Montreal, the city was a melting pot of languages and cultures, which just so happened to meld perfectly with my upbringing.

I first learned about InternChina through my university’s internship listings. Being located in Chengdu, the position’s location intrigued me since it was a noticeable change from the traditional Beijing/Shanghai postings. It made me question “Why Chengdu?” A quick internet search made me realise the city is one of China’s best kept secrets, a center of development and business in the mainland with a rich linguistic and culinary culture. I look forward to learning more about this up-and-coming city as it continues to garner more international interest beyond its iconic pandas.

After applying directly to InternChina’s website, Jenny Hofmann (our Chengdu office manager) promptly sent me a response and eased my way through the bureaucratic process of interning in China. Providing both the option of housing and language lessons, the holistic approach of the company fell in line with my own personal goals of seeing internships as being much more than simply gaining work experience. I look forward to navigating this new environment over the coming months with InternChina!

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