Introduction to New InternChina Member: Jack Everett

Introduction to New InternChina Member: Jack Everett

My name is Jack Everett. I am a sociology undergraduate about to enter my second year at the University of Kent, England. I hope that this internship will teach me useful working skills whilst allowing me to have fun and immerse myself in an entirely different culture.

Jack Everett: Zhuhai's newest addition!

The summer holidays take up a huge amount of time for students. I wanted to fill mine with something that would be fun but would also look good on my CV and give me a better understanding of the working world. Doing an internship with InternChina was a perfect way for me to achieve both these aims. The company combines amazing cultural trips which allow interns to socialise and have fun whilst also teaching them important skills which can be applied in the working world. I first heard about InternChina from my cousin Jamie Bettles (who also happens to be the InternChina General Manager!). He was able to explain to me the benefits of doing an internship in China and gave me the email address of Philippe Touzin in Zhuhai. After only a few emails containing details about the internship it wasn’t long before I had my heart set on spending my summer in China. I followed the simple application process and arranged a webcam interview with Philippe who gave me a position in the Zhuhai office with InternChina.

The InternChina team was brilliant leading up to my stay in China. They helped me arrange my flights/visa/vaccinations etc. and made sure I was totally prepared for life in Zhuhai. Everyone seemed really friendly and it was definitely nice knowing the names and faces of people before I arrived. When I did finally get to China I was greeted straightaway and taken to where I’d be living. I was given a quick tour of my apartment and then joined by some other interns for my first taste of Chinese food in the evening. (Although using chopsticks took a bit of getting used to the food was amazing!). I began work in the Zhuhai office the next day and am so far enjoying life in China! I’ve only been here a day and half but all the interns/office staff have been really friendly and I look forward to getting to know them and Zhuhai over the next few weeks. After being shown a detailed map I already have a huge list of things I want to do! Tonight I’m starting with a Chinese style BBQ with some other interns. With beautiful beaches, tall palm trees and friendly people, Zhuhai is definitely giving off a good first impression!

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