Introduction to new InternChina member – Jack Fairhead

Introduction to new InternChina member – Jack Fairhead

InternChina – Jack

Nimen Hao!
My name is Jack Fairhead and I am the new trainee office manager for InternChina’s Qingdao branch, Just started working at the office this week so this short blog is just to introduce myself but don’t worry, in the near future there will be plenty of more interesting blogs from me to read!
So, I am 24 years old and I come from the UK (Wales to be precise) and have just finished studying a Masters degree from Manchester University in Chinese business and management. Deciding to start my career in China (where better to start!?).
< – – – That’s me 🙂
After arriving early Saturday evening in Qingdao from a long and arduous 25 hour, triple flight, journey I met with the other InternChina office workers who proceeded to show me the delights of street bbq and the potent attractions of LPG bar. After which I stumbled back across the city in search of my apartment (which I had only briefly seen earlier that night), a few wrong turns, an angry old woman and 4 buildings later, I found it.
My flat is very modern and furnished, with a large bedroom (complete with airconditioning), living room (with a big tv), bathroom (with two showers!!) and kitchen (now stocked with noodles and cookies). These small comforts make it easy to live in such a new and alien city.

InternChina – Cheers!
InternChina – Panorama

My first few days at the office have been very busy but I enjoy meeting new people and definitely can’t complain about my awesome fellow InternChina workers……

Or the weather and window view…

Can’t wait to get out and explore this amazing city and share many adventures with our interns!
Right, I think that’s enough about me for now but watch this space for exciting new topics!
I look forward to meeting all of our current interns soon and welcome any new ones to Qingdao in the future!

Zai Jian 🙂