Introduction to new InternChina member – Thea Zhu

Introduction to new InternChina member – Thea Zhu

Hi my name is Thea Zhu and I am currently studying at the University of Vienna Economy and Society of East Asia.

Thea Zhu: IC Chengdu's newest member!

Summer was coming up and I got the feeling all my friends and fellow students around me had already found the perfect internship while I was pre-occupied fighting with the midterm exams. Time flew, and suddenly it was the end of May and I still had no plans for summer, though I was sure of one thing – I want to do an internship and it has to be somewhere outside of the country I have been living for the last twenty years. It had to be an exotic place, with economical potentials but the same time also fun to travel in – so why not China?

Since my major is about East Asia it turned out to be a perfect fit. Everyone around me told me that there would be absolutely no chances for me to find an internship on such short notice. Nevertheless I tried anyway. InternChina was one of my first hits – I did not know about it before I randomly stumbled over it on the German Job board Kopra. I first applied directly at InternChina and got in contact with Chengdu office manager Jenny Hofmann. After my interview with her I received a better view of InternChina and was quite impressed about their work and success. I will now be working for InternChina’s Chengdu office and will also gain experience at one their client companies in Qingdao. After impromptu tea house visits, cuddly pandas, and boisterous bars, Chengdu I can honestly say Chengdu’s growing on me quickly!

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