Ivan – New Intern in Zhuhai

Ivan – New Intern in Zhuhai


Good day everyone, I am Ivan and I am a new intern in InternChina, the company with field office in Zhuhai! This is my first blog, first impressions and first open letter in front of a crowd of people so I hope I can satisfy you with the next few lines.

InternChina - Ivan
InternChina – Ivan

My China experience started with arriving in Hong Kong. There I got introduced with the rough weather and air humidity. For a person that enjoys wind and cool weather it was really huge and sudden difference. I come from Denmark, where I study my Master degree, directly to China and I am really missing the winds of the north Europe. You get used to the heat, but I will never forget the first moment. It felt like I couldn’t breathe or like you enter underwater and you try to breathe. Afterwards I realized that every building and transport vehicle has its air conditioner on lowest temperature. That really made me somewhat relived inside.

The town that I grew up in is called Varna and it’s located on the seaside part of Bulgaria, the coast of the Black Sea. It is a popular tourist destination and it’s famous for its relatively cheap prices and beautiful women.

InternChina - Hometown
InternChina – Hometown

Something that we have in common with Hong Kong and Zhuhai is also one of my first impressions that I won’t forget and that is the chaotic way of driving and crossing the streets. In a way it reminds me my home country Bulgaria, but it’s one level more developed. I had to meet with Jenny, the employee of InternChina on whose place I was coming. The way she crossed some streets with me made me think I was in an action movie of some sort. Definitely a great adrenalin boost for the unprepared mind.

Afterwards I was off to my final destination – Zhuhai. I have heard that the city is big but rather small for a real Chinese city. Well for me that opinion was going to chance during these days. Zhuhai is huge…the biggest city that I have ever been in. I guess that we just don’t build big back in Europe. From the first and second days I came, I met some of the interns that I will work for/with during my next months. I had a very nice wake up call for the final of the World Cup in Brazil which in Chinese time was around 3 in the night. We made it and we had a great time. One thing to consider for the future is that Chinese people cheer harder than hardcore football fans in Europe. I experienced it first hand and it made me a strong impression. They are just into it.

I will always remember my first days in Zhuhai. It was my first Step in Asia and I got a rather good impression. But it wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t for my new roommate and colleague at work – Gianna Wolfsen. She helped me from the very beginning and was there for the friend and guide that I needed. This person simply shoots you with energy and makes your day fell lighter, happier and more interesting. This is my first blog and I dedicate it to her. Gianna!Du bist Super!

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