Jaasir Ali and KS Milestone

Jaasir Ali and KS Milestone


Jaasir in the Office
Jaasir Ali comes from the United Kingdom and is enrolled in University of East London. Here is a brief example of his internship in Chengdu.

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KS Milestone is one of our partner companies in Chengdu which specializes in Financial consultant Services for PE/VCs and local SMEs, strategy consultant and agency services for real estate developers and funds, project investment and acquisition in mining, energy and properties business center investment and operation offering grade A offices and services, providing a platform for international firms to come and do business in China.

We made a small interview with Jaasir that highlithing his experience in the company as Business Development Assistant during his internship:

“Chinese work in a totally different type of mindset and culture. It’s great getting used to it.

“Chengdu has become the silicon valley of China. The huge technological development that is occurring in the country is really worth experiencing here at the center of where it’s happening. I can only say come over and have a look. It’s fascinating.”

For more from Jaasir Ali you can have a look at his video interview here.

There is no doubt that the whole experience in China changes a person’s mindset. There are many more success stories like this one that we would love to share with our viewers. Visit our blog section to learn more!