Janice’s introduction blog

Janice’s introduction blog


Hello everyone!My name is Janice Chen – you can also call me fish because the pronunciation of the last character in my Chinese name sounds like fish^^ I am a 22 year old Hakka girl raised in Zhuhai. I love the city. Especially after my 4 years of college life in Guangzhou, I realized how I love this city more than I can say. I really hope that I can help interns fall in love with this place in my future work!

I am so glad that I have the chance to work for InternChina. It really is an ideal job for me as I enjoy learning English and making friends. The most amazing thing is that I always dreamt about working with foreigners when I was in junior high school. Now this dream became reality!

InternChina - The Zhuhai office team
InternChina – The Zhuhai office team

I used to work for Bosch as an intern which was a wonderful experience for me, even though the work environment was quite different compared to the one at InternChina. Ever since I started to work here with my lovely colleagues I feel like I have gained more and more passion for my job.
I believe I can learn a lot from and have fun in this job – just as InternChina promises. And I can’t wait to witness the different experiences that interns will make in my city.

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