Janina – New in Chengdu

Janina – New in Chengdu


你们好!Nimen Hao and hi! This is Janina from Cologne, most of you may know this wonderful city in Germany. I am 23 years old, study business administration and nearly finished my bachelor degree. I arrived in Chengdu two days ago, after a short stay in Beijing, to work with InternChina for about two months.

InternChina-Hotpot dinner with my Chengdu host family

But actually it´s not my first time in China. I did my semester abroad in Beijing last year. And to be honest, the first days in that new culture were extremely hard. So why did I come back? One definite reason is the great food and the snacks which you can get everywhere on the street. You can´t image how good it is until you try your first bite. As you may know, China is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, so it´s not possible to take everything in in one go. Doing an internship and living in a host family like I do at the moment should be the best choice for a little more insight. I had chosen to live in a host family because I really want to improve my Chinese and to get to know the Eastern way of life. So far I don’t regret it.

Jenny (office manager of InternChina, Chengdu) and my colleagues have received me very friendly and gave me a warm welcome, so there was no reason to be nervous.

It´s too early to compare Beijing and Chengdu right now (I will definitely write more about it at a later time 😉 ), but I really feel like home right now and I think this will be a great adventure! 再见Zàijiàn!

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