Jasper’s Chinese New Year

Jasper’s Chinese New Year


My Chinese New Year journey started on 30th January when we finished work. That night we first went out to dinner and then spent the rest of the evening drinking with all the interns in Zhuhai. It was a very good night with some amazing fireworks to celebrate the start of the new year.

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The next day I woke up quite early (with a slight hangover) to take the ferry to Shenzhen which is actually very close to Zhuhai. A friend of mine was there on holiday so we decided to meet up. When I arrived in Shenzhen I first met my friend and we then rushed to take the bus to Hong Kong. The bus ticket to Hong Kong was quite cheap and on a quiet day the journey only takes around 50 minutes, which thankfully for us, it was!

Once we arrived in Hong Kong we walked around the city and got lost. I didn’t mind as I actually find this the best way to explore a new city. Later that evening when we managed to find our bearings we returned to Shenzhen and spent the next two days there. My time in Shenzhen was very relaxed, we spent the days walking around, eating and chilling in the sun., which is my ideal holiday!

Because my first trip to Hong Kong was such a short trip I decided to go there again but this time all on my own and then return to Zhuhai the same day by ferry. But this time round the bus to Hong Kong was terrible, it was slow and overcrowded.

Once again when I arrived in Hong Kong, I spent the day walking around and sightseeing. I didn’t keep track of time and didn’t feel like rushing to take the ferry to Zhuhai, so I decided to find a hostel and stay in Hong Kong for the night. Easier said than done. Because it was Chinese New Year it was extremely busy time in Hong Kong and every hostel/hotel I came across was full!

After 2 hours of searching, I finally found a hostel with the one bed available. At the hostel I met some nice people who I then I went to dinner with. I was also able to discover the Hong Kong night life with them.

I had initially planned to wake up early to do some last minute sightseeing and allow myself plenty of time to get the ferry to Zhuhai. But as I overslept, I had to rush anyway. When I finally arrived to the port I heard the ferries to Zhuhai were full for that day. But it wasn’t a problem as there were other ways to get back to Zhuhai, this was to take the ferry to Macau and then cross the border. After hours of waiting, taking the ferry ride and a bus ride through Macau, I finally made it home! The remaining 2 days of the holiday, I did what every teenager loves to do, just sit back and relax.

There are plenty of cultural and fun activities to do in China during Chinese New Year. And more places to travel to than you can dream of. Do an internship in China and be here for the next Chinese New Year, apply now!