Jenny’s introduction blog

Jenny’s introduction blog


Hello I’m Jenny. Yesterday I started as the new Intern in the Zhuhai office at InternChina. I am a student from Germany. I study business administration, marketing and media management at Kuenzelsau (Campus belonging to the university of Heilbronn). This is such a small campus, that the cows from the nearby farms run over it. We also have some good places that the students can go to which you can count them on one hand. The Kochertal is a really good place for cycling and a place where you can enjoy the summer, but in winter you should have a lot of mulled wine to survive the cold.

I actually decided to do my compulsory internship in a foreign country. I wanted it to be in a different place, a place where a student would not usually choose, so I chose China. The win-win situation to go abroad was doing this internship. On one hand it becomes possible to learn everything about the culture of the country and on the other I won’t lose time for repeating any courses back home.

It is very important to me that the company has a big network and as InternChina has numerous offices across China and having done my research into the company, the social and networking activities of the company, especially with the interns, InternChina seems to be a very good choice for me to do my internship.

Before I had started my studies I had just finished an apprenticeship in a publishing house named arsEdition GmbH (belonging to the Swedish concern Bonnier). For all the ladies here, it’s the publisher who published the man to bake your own (“den Mann zum Selberbacken”).

Between the apprenticeship and the beginning of my studies, I worked at the Oktoberfest for the whole time. Not for drinking the large kegs of beer, but for selling souvenirs like T-Shirts and hats.

InternChina – Me with my Masskrug

Since my dad always thinks that there are many good places in Europe to visit (which isn’t wrong), we never travelled to countries which are further than a 3-4 hours flight away with the exception of Australia.

But when I moved to Munich and Kuenzelsau, I started travelling. Since then I started to enjoy discovering new cultures and landscapes. It’s very fantastic what our young generation are able to discover in their short life. I’ve got a wide interest e.g. I love to visit cultural places, read books (of course I’ve worked in a publishing house), doing sports such as jogging, cycling, fitness training, skiing, dancing and organizing game nights (I love to play Risiko, Activity, UNO and Yathzee).

InternChina – Skiing

China is a growing economy, I can see in the InternChina’s office building there are some young companies expanding really fast. Even InternChina is one company which is learning from the internationalization of doing business. The close team and working environment in the office is familiar however the concept of networking is new to me but something special.

After only two days I can say that it is the right decision for everyone, especially for me to spend half a year in China. I already feel the placement will be a very special experience for me. I hope to learn some Chinese in our language school, to integrate into the country as quick as possible.

In this sense: just start enjoying an internship in Zhuhai as I do and apply now.