Jon’s Birthday: Internchina Style

Jon’s Birthday: Internchina Style

Ok, so last weekend Qingdao had the honour of hosting an InternChina intern’s birthday Jonathan Libis!
At twenty three years of age he decided that he would have a jam packed day which involved lasagne, rooftops, hedgehogs and killing aliens.

After taking a leisurely morning stroll around Qingdao’s beautiful May fourth square Jon sat in the summer sun and pondered what to do on this sunny day. He eventually decided to come to my house to drink beer and play halo on the Xbox, a most fortunate of decisions.

May 4th Square: A great place to ponder

After saving the world at 6pm, we met with the other interns on ‘ Coffee street’. The streets real name is Minjiang second street and it is home to roughly a million cafes, tea houses and and bistro type restaurants. The perfect place to find a nice Italian eatery… which is what we did… and where we ate.


Friends, food, and wine...a winning combination!

I think after we all stuffed ourselves on homemade pizza, pasta, and Italian wine, we would happily recommend Milanos Italian restaurant to other hungry Qingdaoers.
Jon was also showered with gifts at the restaurant which included a Chinese piggy bank, a block of cheese (being French) and a cake shaped hedgehog. What more could a 23 year old want?

Birthday boy shining his pearly whites

The night was young so, cheese in hand, Jon led the way to the Intercontinental hotel’s famous rooftop party.

IC Qingdao being the life of the party

This party is held on the roof of the hotel and is called the Rain and Wine bar.. which was apt because it did actually rain, and some people were drinking wine! They have a DJ spinning his discs and ‘all you can drink/until it runs out’ beer for 50 RMB. The views from the top are spectacular, especially before 11pm when all of Qingdao is lit up with lasers and 100 metre high building screens.

This is not the view from the rooftop...but still beautiful!

We danced the night away.. until it rained too much then we went inside and chatted the night away..
All in all it was a great day! I hope Jon had a nice birthday!

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