Kasper and Heau Composite Products

Kasper and Heau Composite Products


Kasper with the "Modpod"
We would like to spotlight one of our success stories – Kasper Bowyer-Knight from Bournemouth University and his internship in Heau Composite Products Co.LTD in the design and engineering department.

Heau Composite Products uses composite materials to develop a series of innovative and practical products.Anyone who is interested in movable, temporary, semi-permanent housing, adaptable equipment or special function products, such as their product line cylinders, hazardous chemicals cabinets and light portable housing, Composite Products will be the first choice you have to consider.

You can find all information about them (in Chinese only) at – https://heaucomposite.cn/

We had a brief interview with Kasper before he finished his internship and he shared with us about the great time he had in the company.

I learned a lot about myself here in China. One of the things that I have learned is that I’m really lucky to have grown up in the West. You see people’s lives here and when I compare them with my own, that makes it seem so easy to grow up in England.You also learned about responsibility. Be open minded, it’s not going to be anything like your home.”

At the end he was absolutely clear about one thing. He is definitely coming back to China.

You can see the video interview here.

This is just a small part of our success stories here in China. Our services provide not only top quality internship positions, but also bring a whole new experience to people’s lives.  Visit us on our webpage for more information about our services.