Kenny’s Movie Review

Kenny’s Movie Review


Yesterday we posted a blog on learning Kung Fu so today, Kenny follows up with a review on his favourite Kung Fu movie.

InternChina- The Grandmaster

When it comes to movies, action and horror themes are amongst my favourite. Today I am going to talk about a Chinese action and Kung Fu movie named “The Grandmaster”一代宗师. The movie centres about the life of kung Fu master Yip Man and the people around him. Personally I found that the most impressive characters were Ruomei Gong宫若梅 and Lao Jiang 老姜.
A headstrong woman, Ruomei Gong sacrificed her life to become a Taoist, a monk who cannot marry. In ancient China, once a girl marries into another family, she loses her family name and hence belongs to her husband’s family. Despite her love for Yip Man, she converted to Taoism to preserve her name and her father’s honour.

InternChina- Ruomei Gong of The Grandmaster

Lao Jiang, formerly an executioner, was accepted by the Gong family to act as a caretaker for Ruomei Gong. Even after the death of Ruomei’s father, he still accompanied her. I especially liked his character, because he expressed such unparalleled faith and affection.
My favourite words from the movie were: “世间上所有的相遇 都是久别重逢” (The encounters on this world are all just reunions after long separation.)
If you enjoy watching Kung Fu movies, I definitely recommend it!

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