Laser Tag event!

Laser Tag event!

Last saturday InternChina organised a Laser Tag event at the Zhongshan Park in Qingdao.
I’ve already played some laser tag games in France, and every time I played, I had to run into a dark labyrinth with loud metal music. So I imagined that in China it would be the same, but I was totally surprised to hear that actually we would play a laser game outside and in the afternoon.

So we arrived at the place around twelve and we directly divided the whole group in two teams, one led by Jack the other one by me. Both teams had to wear special outfits with some targets on them for the laser guns, Jack’s team had dark outfits and in my team we were wearing camouflage outfits.

The organiser told us the first team has to go into the park and hide, and the second team will attack them. So that was quite funny, because this park is really popular in Qingdao and in the afternoon there are lots of people there.

So, while we were playing the little soldiers and crawling on the floor, two meters next to us there were many Chinese families having a relaxed afternoon picnic in the park, or old people sitting on a bench and thinking “What are these strange foreigners doing here?!”

We organised two games, after which we decided to do an InternChina staff team against interns, there was a kind of temple on the top of the hill in the park and the game was named “Defend the temple”. InternChina had to defend it. But 6 against 18 was quite unfair and it didn’t take long for our opponents to beat us.

At the end when we decided to pay and stop playing, everyone came back to the meeting point and then we noticed that someone was missing.

The best player of the day was certainly Mathias, a German intern. He was so involved in the game and so well hidden that it took us about half an hour to find him! Saving private Mathias…

As Jack was playing with him in the same team we asked him to call Mathias, the dialogue sounded like this:

Jack: “Mathias, the game is over, you can stop hiding now and come back.”

Mathias: “They’ve got Jack, it’s a trap, they’ve forced him to say that.”

Finally our super warrior came back and asked “Is the game already over?”

Playing Laser Tag is really funny but also tiresome and some of us had a nap during the waiting time…

After we found our missing soldier we all decided to have an ice cream together to celebrate a real nice day.

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