Laser tag session!!

Laser tag session!!

Laser tag Session!!
One of the activities really pleasant in Qingdao you can try is this one. Dressed like a soldier, with captors on all your body, guns (you have the choice between sniper rifles, machine guns and Short range guns) and play in a park.

We went there, 20 people from internchina, 10 from Yechao staff (the best club in Qingdao) and 50 strangers! Saturday, April the 16th, at 8 o’clock AM! (to wake up at 6.30 AM wasn’t a pleasure…) We were mixed in 2 teams: the Chinese army against the Korean army (Korea won 2 battles on 3). The battlefield was the TV Tower’s Park, Robert, Marvin (Chinese army, our monster kills) and Nick (Korean army) were the snipers, Keno (the best gunner I have seen!!) and me where the machine guns for Chinese army and Tommy (the Yechao DJ!!) was the more dangerous machinegun of the Korean Army. You could hear his devil laugh after He had touched you…!!

Dennis, Marian, Tobias were brave soldiers, always going ahead. They used very good strategy. Hanane were the only one who always gets killed by her own teammate (maybe they thought that she was more useful dead than alive…), Stephanie liked to stay always at the top and shoot on poor first line people… So bad girl. Jessica, Marina and Liane were specialized in hiding behind trees and not moving until the end of the game. I think that the snipers should cover up themselves.

Girls has to cover snipers, boys were snipers or first line attack. We had 10 lives for each person. 1 hour of lesson, and 3 hours of play. Really exhausting but so funny! The last round was 2 lines, fighting against each other.

Dominic was the kamikaze, always where he should not… Tim was the “I shoot on you but you can’t see me haha !!” guy, all play long I haven’t seen him. He was surely cooperating with the snipers (always hiding too). And Alex was our translator with Emily, without them, impossible to understand the monitor instructions.

Whatever, with each play during at least 45 minutes, and 30 RMB (around 3€50) for 4 hours of fun, we went home tired, and happy!!