Law Internship in Zhuhai

Law Internship in Zhuhai


InternChina Law Internship Experience in Zhuhai China Rachel
InternChina – Rachel’s Internship Experience

Check out what Rachel has to say about her 4 weeks law internship experience in China:


1.Tell us a little about yourself

I am a law student from Liverpool that wants to travel and pursue a career in Law.


2. Tell us about your internship

My Internship was at multinational law firm in Zhuhai. I worked there for one month and worked mainly in International Business Law with western clients that wanted to build and develop businesses in China.


3. What do you think is different from the Chinese Working Environment to a Western one?

Perhaps my experience was a little different because I was working with a mix of Western and Chinese Clients, but I think the Chinese working environment in law is maybe a little more polite with more cultural influence on the way they interact with clients and negotiate.


4. Do you think it helped you with your future career?

It definitely gave me more of an insight into the area I’d like to work in, and working abroad, particularly in China will show employers that you are committed and willing to step outside your comfort zone.


5. How would you describe your life in Zhuhai in once sentence?

Very busy with plenty of opportunity to try new things and experience another culture.


6. Name 3 things you’ll remember most from your life in China

The food, the people I met and the weekend trips.


7. If you could be any Chinese Food, what would you be?

A noodle.


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