Life in Zhuhai, Le Mans race and latest InternChina news

Life in Zhuhai, Le Mans race and latest InternChina news

Hi Everyone,
This is Jamie, the General Manager at InternChina. There are a few things I want to blog about to give you some news about our company and let you know what I’ve been up to in Zhuhai recently. Firstly, it’s still pretty much warm enough to wear jeans and a t-shirt in Zhuhai! It doesn’t feel much like Christmas, but I don’t think anyone is too worried, as it’s still possible to sit outside and have a cold beer and some famous Chinese street barbeque, even in December! I cycle my mountain bike along the coast to our office every morning and the view over the ocean to Macau, with the new Zhuhai – Hong Kong bridge construction ever-growing in the foreground, never ceases to amaze me! Our office in Zhuhai has a great sea-view with Macau in the background and the office has huge windows and lots of space, so it’s a light and spacious place to work, which I enjoy a lot!

So, what’s new with InternChina? Firstly I would like to announce that we just published our new corporate website aimed at companies in China. You can have a look at the website here: and there is also a link in the bottom-right of this page. Over the past few years we have been successfully doing recruitment projects for companies in China for all kinds of staff, as well as running our internship, language study and homestay programmes. We felt the need for a better ‘corporate’ website to showcase our services and now we have it.

The other main news for InternChina is that we will be working in cooperation with the University of Manchester to provide a UK Government sponsored programme in April 2012. The programme is called ‘Study China Programme’ and is funded by the UK Government, so that 20 students from UK Universities will have a 2 week taste of InternChina’s internship, Chinese study and homestay programme in Zhuhai, all for free, they only have to pay for the flight. If you are a student at a UK University, check out their website and apply and we might be seeing you next April! The website is:

I also wanted to mention that we are currently recruiting interns for several new companies in Zhuhai, whereby interns who can stay for 4-6 months would be offered an exciting internship and salary which would at least cover our program costs. Please click on the Zhuhai internships section and contact us for more details. We also have one or two more places available to intern in one of our InternChina offices next year. Please click on our careers page (the link is at the bottom of this page) for more info and contact us directly if you want to intern with us. As you can see from the rest of this blog, it’s a pretty fun internship!

I’ll finish up my blog post with some pictures of a recent event that my girlfriend and I went to in Zhuhai. The city has its own international race circuit and this year hosted part of the Le Mans intercontinental endurance race. The race was a cool spectacle and very loud! After the race there was a big exclusive after-party for all the race teams on the beach in Zhuhai, where my girlfriend’s band were playing, alongside some dancing girls, Chinese traditional music and shaolin monk displays! So me and a few lucky InternChina interns got in for free 🙂