Linda’s introduction blog

Linda’s introduction blog


InternChina - Linda's indroduction blog
InternChina – Linda’s indroduction blog

Ni Hao! My name is Linda, I’m 22 years old and just started to work in the Chengdu office as the new customer relations assistant. I’m originally from Guangyuan, located in the north of Sichuan province, which is also the hometown of the one and only female emperor in Chinese history Wu Zetian.
After I graduated from university last year I started to work for a Singaporean company, Pageone bookstore.

With the desire to obtain a more challenging job, I sent Paul, our Chengdu branch manager, an email. Paul replied very quickly and invited me for an interview. From the very beginning, Paul and Jessica were very professional and explained everything to me. Fortunately, InternChina finally offered me a job which I gladly accepted. I am very happy to be a member of InternChina.

After four years of university in Chengdu, I fell in love with this city, the amazing local food such as street barbecue, Gan Guo(dry pot), hot pot, chuanchuan etc. as well as the relaxing atmosphere and the easy-going local people. As the best city in the southwest of China, Chengdu is surprising us every day in different ways.

Come on join us and explore this amazing city!