Living with a Chinese family

Living with a Chinese family

InternChina – Greg with his Host Hamily

In past two years I have changed my home address 7 times.  The first time I moved out from home my mum stuffed my stepdad’s car with pots, pans (everything you can imagine, really) and insisted him to drive me from Lithuania to England. She wanted to make sure I take everything I need with me. Now two years have passed and I’ve realized that all my belongings fit into one suitcase. One. Believe me it’s much easier this way, especially when you can buy all the things you need when you arrive. However, I can’t help myself but miss that care which only family can give you.  I miss it every time I walk into my empty flat.

My friend Greg, on the other hand, is luckier than me. He lives with a Chinese family during his internship time. They call him while he’s at work, asking how his day is going, they cook him nice Chinese meals, show him around the town and push him to practice his Chinese.  Before the arrival his original plan was to live with a Chinese family for the first few months and then find an apartment and move in with his friends. However, he stayed with a Chinese family as their place already have become like a second home to him.

When you think about it, could you find a better way to learn about the inner life of a Chinese family and practice your language? If I wouldn’t be living in a free accommodation at the moment, I would definitely be considering this myself. However, when deciding whether to live with a Chinese family or not, you should take into account that some things in the house might be handled a little bit differently than you are used to, because Chinese culture is different from the one you are living in. However, I would definitely recommend you to take this rare opportunity and make the most of your time in China. Besides, there is one very important thing I’ve learnt during those two years:  no home will be real home if there is nobody waiting for you to come back.

Enjoy your week everyone!

My best wishes!