manchester pre arrival information

Manchester Pre-Arrival Information

We hope this information helps ease your mind before your Manchester experience. If you have some questions which aren’t answered on this page, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help!

Before your departure for Manchester, please complete the following IMPORTANT forms as this will assist us with preparing for your arrival:

Before you leave for Manchester we need to ask for a few quick details regarding health and safety. Please make sure you fill out the Participant Details Form before you set out on your journey!

What skills do you have? What skills are you hoping to develop? Do some self-reflection and fill in a Competency Survey. We’ll ask you again at the end of your programme!

Moving to a new city for an extended period of time can be a big adjustment. Download our Self Care Plan to help prepare yourself and make the most of your time away.

Before you leave for Manchester take a look at our accommodation booking tips and advice below. Once  you’ve got it sorted, please fill in this form to let us know where we you staying!

Planned your journey to Manchester? That’s great! Please fill in the form below to let us know how and when you will be arriving to the city.


The Programme

We can’t wait to welcome you to Manchester!

When you have booked your accommodation and transport, please inform us, so that a member of the Pagoda Projects team can welcome you at the station in Manchester.

We will conduct an orientation session at our office on your first working day, then introduce you to your internship company in person.

Alongside your internship, we will organise 2 employability workshops and one networking event as part of the programme. As soon as we have all 2019 participants finalized, we will set the dates for these events and notify you, so that you can add these to your calendar.

If you have any questions about the programme, please email Jamie!

Getting here

As soon as you have confirmed your programme with Pagoda Projects and returned your signed booking form! This will allow time for you to find the cheapest possible train or flight and choose the most suitable journey for you

The fastest and most cost-effective way from Dundee to Manchester is by train. You can book trains to arrive at either Manchester Piccadilly Station or Manchester Oxford Road station.

Manchester Airport is the only airport in Manchester. Regular trains and buses run from the airport to the city centre.

Please notify us when you have booked your transport so that we can arrange to welcome you on arrival.


The cost of living in Manchester is comparable with Dundee. Some things may cost you a little more, but there shouldn’t be any major shocks.

Be sure to secure your accommodation as soon as your booking form is completed, as this can get expensive over the summer months. Manchester is a popular destination for students, tourists and business people, so some areas are relatively expensive, but there are affordable places to eat and drink located all over the city.


Spareroom is a very popular website in the UK for booking rooms in shared accommodation. The site is not as user-friendly as Airbnb and a certain amount of direct interaction with landlords or flatmates might be required to secure your room. However, in terms of location and cost, there is typically a good choice of affordable rooms available.

Nikasa is a relatively new business with a very basic website. The pricing and booking options on their website are highly limited, but the accommodation on offer is well-located and very good value.

The Pagoda Projects team have met Mario, the owner of Nikasa, who has been very flexible and positive when discussing their accommodation with us. They offer a highly personal level of service and support, along with cheap rent, so this could be a great option for you over the summer.

If you’re interested in this option, please email Mario with you preferred dates and he can suggest some specific rooms and costs for you.

AirBnb is a well-known room booking platform. Unfortunately there is not a huge range of options on Airbnb for Manchester, meaning that prices are relatively high over the popular summer months. The booking and payment process is excellent, so if you have a higher budget, this could be a good option for you.


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