Massage (按摩ànmó)

Massage (按摩ànmó)

chinese massage

Hey everyone, it’s Sunny! Today, I want to tell you something about Chinese Massage.Normally, I am going to health care massage every week. It is also divided into body massage, foot massage and facial massage. But facial massage is mostly only for girls in spa centres or beauty centres. I strongly suggest to try foot massage! For me, it is the best thing in the world, haha. Body massage and foot massage have always similar prices in Zhuhai, about 40-60yuan RMB per hour. Once you come to Zhuhai, I will tell you where is the best place to go!

Massage (按àn – to press, 摩mó – to rub sth.) has the traditional Chinese medicine zang-fu organs and meridian theory as a theoretical basis. Combined with the western medicine, anatomy and pathology diagnosis, the technique uses specific areas of the human body to regulate the body’s physiological and pathological conditions, in order to achieve a natural physical therapy method. The massage treatment can be divided into health care massage, sports massage and medical massage.

Massage is one of China’s most ancient medical methods
In primitive society, the people working in productive labor or gladiators were often injured. When people had a wound, they would instinctively put a hand on it to stop the bleeding. When the wound got swollen, people tried to alleviate the pain and instinctively touched and kneaded the hump to make it smaller or disappear.
Other people found out that with stone chips you can alleviate some specific ailment. They repeated these applications, and through that started to develop proper massage techniques. Time continued and these tactics were further developed and accumulated. During the process of practice, massage gradually changed from unconscious accidental action into a system that was used freely by people as a treatment. Thousand of years ago, our ancestors laid the foundation for massage and gradually formed the massage we know today.

There are oracle bones with inscriptions from the Shang-Dynasty, they date back to 1400 BC and there are some with „massage“ written on them.

Medical massage
Massage is one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies, and it is also one of the oldest human applications to use for physical therapy. In addition to surgical treatment (namely & experience massage), you can also treat diseases like gynecology, internal medicine and pediatrics etc., it is also an effective cure for chronic diseases and functional diseases.

Currently engaged in medical massage is mainly the blind massage. The blind massage clinics and hospitals for Traditional Chinese Medicine have massage as physiotherapy.

Health care massage
Health care massage refers to healers using massage techniques, that send a stimulus through your body which eliminate fatigue, cure physical problems and prolong life.
There are different techniques applied, such as kneading, pool neck method, cotton friction method, back lumbar method, shoot game, limb shake extraction method. It’s movements are soft, flexible, easy. Regardless of men, women and children, no matter what your physical strength is, if you have a disease or not, everyone can try health care massage.
With the development of China’s market economy, people’s material wealth growing, increasing also people’s health care need. Today you have all kinds of health care massage services, like domestic health care massage, infantile health care massage, beauty massage, reduce weight massage, foreign and tourism massage, pet massage etc. Modern health care massage equipment is widely used in family life!

Sports massage
Sports and health, combining both is the best you can do for your body.
Sports massage protects an athletes good condition, improves and develops his/her potential and physical fitness. In recent years, domestic and foreign practices show that an excellent performance became more and more important.

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