Pagoda are delighted to be working with Massey University as an approved internship provider of Education New Zealand to facilitate a partially-funded and fully-supported Mexico City Programme.

Key Dates:

  • 30th Sept 2022 – Application Deadline for both the Pagoda Application AND the Massey Application
  • 3rd January 2023 – Arrival in Mexico City
  • 4th January – 17th February 2023 – Programme Takes Place
  • 19th February – All students have departed for New Zealand Return

Students taking part will embark on a structured onboarding filled with engaging activities and high-profile guest speakers, designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to Mexico City and contemporary bilateral considerations between Mexico and New Zealand. Following the introductory programme, students will embark on full-time internships of approximately six weeks. Internships will be arranged with successful applicants in advance.

The Programme

The theme of the programme is agriculture and sustainability and therefore we encourage those with a keen and demonstrable interest in this area to apply. Whilst internships can cover a variety of sectors and aren’t dependent on fields of study, preference will be given to those majoring in the following or similar disciplines: dairy, fishery, food & beverages, environmental services, farming, food production, international trade & development, international relations, renewables & environment, and sustainable agriculture.

The programme includes quality accommodation, assistance with the required visa and full in-country staff support from Pagoda to ensure you only have to focus on making the most of this fantastic opportunity!

Core Competencies

Our in-person internships are designed to develop students’ abilities in eight key areas.


Average competency improvements for our in-person internships 2023.

What's Included?

  • 6-week full time summer internship following comprehensive onboarding activities
  • Private accommodation, inclusive of all bills & Wi-Fi, on good transport links, sharing with other students on the programme.
  • Visa processing and comprehensive travel/medical insurance as an optional extra.
  • Airport pickup, transfer to accommodation, welcome pack & detailed orientation.
  • Regular organised events, trips & activities throughout the programme.
  • 24/7 on-site emergency and general support from the friendly Pagoda team.
  • Access to Pagoda’s online Skills Courses to improve your employability, cultural fluency & digital skills.
  • Join over 4000 previous students in the Pagoda exclusive alumni network for future employability opportunities across the globe.

Pagoda Portal

All programmes are managed on the Pagoda Portal - a digital hub for our student community. This is where students can track their progress, register for events, access skills courses, network with other interns and request additional support.

Programme Breakdown

We’re more than just an internships provider. Our in-country staff make our programmes an unforgettable global experience. Whether it’s picking students up at the airport or accompanying them to their first day at the office, we go the extra mile to make students feel happy and at home with us.

During each programme, we organise social events, tourist activities, weekend trips and networking dinners to encourage students to socialise and help them make the most of their time overseas. This means students can explore their host country, with their own personal tour guide.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be enrolled at Massey University for the full duration of the programme
  • Fulfil the eligibility criteria of Education New Zealand and key considerations:
    • At the time of your application, you must: A. be a New Zealand citizen, or B. have permanent residence status; and C. be ordinarily resident in New Zealand (i.e., at the time of your application, you had resided in New Zealand for at least 12 of the previous 24 months).
    • If you have already been awarded a PMSA/LA Scholarship as a member of a group programme, you may apply for a second PMSA/LA Scholarship as an individual (and vice versa).
    • You are only eligible for a maximum of two awards in total (for previous PM Scholarship recipients, please disclose details upon application).
    • The maximum PMSA/LA Scholarship funding that you are eligible to be awarded, whether as an individual, as part of a group programme, or both, is for 72 weeks over 24 months of active study time. For example, if a student is awarded a PMSA/PMSLA Scholarship as part of a group programme which is funded for 10 weeks, the same student is eligible to apply for a PMSA/LA Scholarship as an individual and could receive up to 62 weeks funding for the individual programme.
    • You may hold other scholarships, awards or grants in addition to your Scholarship, provided that is permitted under the terms of the other award/s.
    • You cannot apply for additional PMSA/LA Scholarship funding to extend your Programme after your Offer of Scholarship has been made.

Applicants will be required to submit a video recording of 3-5 minutes with instructions and guidelines provided. The pre-recorded video format has been chosen to give applicants the chance to record themselves on their own terms, removing the pressure of live interviews whilst letting them practice important skills. As part of the video, please disclose if you belong to any of the below equity groups.

  • Māori and Pacific applicants who are identified as such by their community;
  • Applicants who have a long-term medical condition or disability which impacts their study;
  • Applicants who can demonstrate financial disadvantage, through receipt of means-tested support;
  • Applicants who are typically based in a regional area and/or have relocated to study;
  • Applicants who are current or former refugees;
  • Applicants who identify as LGBTQI+;
  • Applicants who are the first in their immediate family (partner, parent, grandparent, children, siblings) to attend university; or
  • Applicants who are from a non-English speaking background, namely a language other than English is spoken at home.

Questions are framed to elicit a merit-based application process that also draws upon personal circumstances, thus enabling the selection panel to also consider not only who is the ‘best’ candidate, but who will benefit most from the experience.

  1. Tell us about any previous work experience you have and the skills you have that make you a good candidate for this programme?
  2. How do you think this experience will benefit your future career?
  3. What type of internship role are you looking for, what responsibilities are you expecting to have on place and what skills are you looking to practice during the internship?
  4. If successful, what potential challenges do you think you could face during your programme?
  5. Why do you think you should be awarded the scholarship?

The interview guidelines and scoring matrix can be accessed here for full visibility.

Our recommendations will be provided to your University with successful applicants provided with an offer in mid-September, and the final outcomes announced on or before the 30th of September. Upon accepting the award, participants will be required to sign a booking form and pay a refundable $200 NZD deposit to Pagoda.

Applicant scoring and shortlist recommendations will be completed by Pagoda Projects’ staff who have experience conducting equivalent exercises for the British Council’s Generation UK Programme, as well as for various University-funded programmes and previous Prime Minister’s Scholarship-funded programmes on behalf of Education New Zealand. The final decision on successful funding awardees will be made by representatives of Massey University.

Our online skills courses are included in every Pagoda programme. Designed to improve Employability, Digital Competency and Intercultural Fluency, they provide students with the skills and agility needed to thrive in an international workplace. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate to keep, post on LinkedIn and show to future employers. 

  • Course 1 – Intercultural Fluency
    This course provides an understanding of the importance of adaptability when communicating with people from other cultures, in the workplace and society. We focus on the foundations of intercultural understanding and develop students’ cultural fluency with examples from China, Mexico and Vietnam.
    Competencies: Teamwork & Collaboration / Intercultural Fluency / Communication
  • Course 2 – Digital Competency
    This course provides the fundamentals of digital networking, digital marketing and digital presentation skills. Students will learn to use LinkedIn for personal promotion, get to grips with the basics of Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing, and improve their public speaking skills.
    Competencies: Professionalism / Teamwork & Collaboration / Career Development / Digital Fluency
  • Course 3 – Employability Skills
    This course equips students with the tools to identify their current skill set and understand the skills needed to enhance career readiness. Self-awareness exercises will build confidence for students looking to apply their skills to different specifications when applying for jobs in the future.
    Competencies: Professionalism / Career Development / Leadership
  • Course 4 – Workplace Basics
    This course provides an understanding of the skills required to succeed in a remote workplace. We focus on key skills such as productivity, time management, communication and the use of digital platforms, and the importance of being adaptable when working in a global, professional environment.
    Competencies: Communication / Critical Thinking / Digital Fluency / Teamwork & Collaboration

Ensuring all students are happy and feel supported during their internship is our number one priority. Pagoda has worked with UK-qualified psychologists and consulted global organisations to develop sector-leading mental health support for all participants, in all our programmes.

Students are personally mentored through the application process to secure internships with the right companies and prepare for their time abroad. Our personalised level of in-country support includes weekly check-ins, careers coaching, one-on-one support and 24/7 emergency support. 

Weekly journaling and self-reflection exercises encourage students to think critically about how to articulate their experiences to future employers. Our alumni network provides continuous support for students in the form of news, events, graduate job openings and opportunities for further study.

Massey University have secured government funding from Education New Zealand via the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Latin America (PMSLA) to help their students towards the cost of completing this Pagoda summer internship programme.

There are 20 places available for those who are currently enrolled at Massey, with funding available to help cover the cost of the programme, accommodation, flights, visa and insurance.

Before the programme, your university will be able to confirm the exact amount of funding you’re eligible for, and what (if any) contribution costs will be needed. All confirmed participants will be required to pay a refundable $200 NZD deposit to Pagoda Projects upon accepting the award, which will be returned following successful completion of the programme in line with our participant terms and conditions.

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