Modern Toilet Restaurant

Modern Toilet Restaurant


China is generally known for producing a lot of crazy ideas and one of them is the Modern Toilet Restaurant. This restaurant is toilet themed and provides toilet seats as chairs and eating on a bath tub as a table. During my time in Shanghai, I heard about this unusual themed restaurant and just had to go and see what all the fuss was about.

InternChina - Toilet seating
InternChina – Toilet seating

The intriguing restaurant is located in the unique area of Tianzifang and offers Chinese dishes like noodles and vegetables, as well as Western dishes like steaks and pasta on its menu. The food and drink is generally served in funky dishes, including mini bathtubs, urinals, sinks and toilets. The bizarre concept of this restaurant is very ironic as most Chinese eateries cannot afford to have a bathroom/toilet for customers, and then you find this restaurant filled with many various toilets used for seating.

InternChina - Steak
InternChina – Steak

This restaurant is very popular in China, not only with a branch in Shanghai but also can be found in major cities including Beijing, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Depending on what type of food you order, the price varies but the general price range is 50RMB-200RMB. I would definitely recommend the desserts in this place, especially the chocolate ice cream which is shaped in the form of poo (LOL) and also the waffles are delicious! The restaurant also offers fresh smoothies and milkshakes which are worth a try.

InternChina - Delicious chocolate ice cream, believe it or not!
InternChina – Delicious chocolate ice cream, believe it or not!

Although some people may find this uncommon themed restaurant too off putting to dine in, but personally I would recommend experiencing this place at least once if you have the chance to. The atmosphere in the restaurant is great and it is definitely a dining experience to talk about and gives you the opportunity to capture many photos of the unique themed restaurant.

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