Monica’s Introduction Blog

Monica’s Introduction Blog


Hello everyone/大家好:
My name is Mónica Gómez and I am from Mexico. Last week I arrived in Zhuhai for my first time to undergo a 3-month internship in the InternChina office. I am currently studying International Business with a focus on Marketing. I studied my first two and a half years in Mexico and then I moved to Canada to study my last year.

I am a very passionate and happy girl who loves to travel and enjoy meeting new people from all around the world. From a young age I have been exposed to many different cultures. At the age of 15 I spent one year in Taiwan in order to learn Mandarin. I have spent a couple of months in Brazil and lately China in order to improve my language skills (both Portuguese and Chinese) and build a solid understanding of both cultures. Therefore, I would consider myself as multicultural, open minded, independent and an easy going person who gets along with a variety of people from different backgrounds. Adventure and change define me as a person, as well as traveling as a local and not as a tourist.

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Although I have already been to many cities in China, I am still very excited to spend my summer in an amazing city such as Zhuhai. I decided to come to Zhuhai because as you all know, it is the most liveable city in China, it is not as crowded and polluted. Also, the fact that in less than an hour we can get to Macau or Hong Kong makes everybody’s experience more unique and fun. Its great location and the variety of food made Zhuhai my top choice.

InternChina- Shanghai

I am very glad that I have already met nice people here and I am sure that I will have an unforgettable time in Zhuhai. It is going to be a great, but hot summer 🙂

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