My First China Experience

My First China Experience


After almost three months living in China, I can definitely say that I´m feeling at home 🙂 Of course, InternChina is a big part of my experience. From my first day in the Chengdu office I felt really welcomed and it was quite easy to settle although it was my first time in China. The team is super friendly and helpful and made me feel so comfortable from the very beginning.
All the unforgettable trips we went on starting with an amazing trip to the LeShan Giant Buddha, which was carved out of a cliff face. This Buddha is not only the largest stone sculpture of its kind in the world, but the tallest pre-modern statue. It was so impressive and beautiful. Afterwards we went to Mount Emei – climbing up 50,000 stairs in two days, sleeping in a very traditional Buddhist Temple, almost freaking out by only hearing the word “stairs” but finally arriving at the most beautiful place ever  – the golden summit.

IMG_7642  IMG_7501


JiuZhaiGou was another great weekend trip. I don´t even know what to say about this beautiful place! The national park offers stunning waterfalls and incredible lake Groups!



Not to forget about the amazing food Chengdu has to offer. I was not really the person who eats lots of spicy food before I came to Chengdu. But now, this is the best thing in the world. It still makes me feel I want to die sometimes, but I can´t stop – just love it so much 🙂



First experience at the hairdressers-Thanks to Brigitte’s wonderful Blog post (Chinese Haidressers) Thanks again! – It all worked out really well. Washing, Cutting, Styling pluuuuus a head massage for only 6€. This makes me never want to leave China again 😉panda

And finally the BEST thing about Chengdu – the Pandaaaas. The cutest animal ever! Looking so innocent while eating bamboo or sleeping all day long! I would love to go to the breeding station every day 🙂
It has been wonderful and full of many unforgettable moments the last three months!

– Jula