My internship at InternChina

My internship at InternChina


Hey! I’m Pia, the Marketing, Sales and Business Development Intern at InternChina located in Zhuhai.
Today I would like to tell you more about my internship itself. What tasks I am completing on a daily basis and the projects I am working on. I have been at InternChina for 5 months now and I really enjoy working here. We have a great team, lots of nice people and my work is all about helping other students, like me, who dream about doing an internship in China. That is a good motivation background. 🙂

InternChina - Part of the InternChina Office Team in Zhuhai
InternChina – Part of the InternChina Office Team in Zhuhai

My day starts with some very important but sometimes a little bit boring tasks: the job boards. You may have found the internship position you applied for on your University job board – there we post every single position one after the other. However, the best things about the job boards is when we receive a new application from there, you then know your work was successful.

That leads to one of my next tasks – the communication with the students who applied. After checking with the office manager, we suggest an internship that is best suited to what they want to do and to their CV.  I found it interesting to be able to follow the whole application process which includes communicating with the student, introducing them to the company and coordinating their arrival to China.

Before we place students in companies we first need to find perfect partner companies. To find a suitable company, Monika and I usually go out to visit companies once a week. We search for office buildings and check what companies are there. We talk to the managers and sometimes we need to explain how an internship works because in China an internship to gain work experience is pretty new to them. But before we place a student at this company we also need to make sure they know what tasks and what responsibilities they can hand over to the students.

The InternChina Office in Zhuhai
The InternChina Office in Zhuhai

To make sure everything is fine, we also visit existing partner companies who already have interns. I had the chance to go to a company and see their whole production process. The company specializes in Composite product construction for the Marine, Transport, and Architectural industries (ZHEN14). Another company I visited was a German Innovation/Design Manufacturing Company (Ref.: ZHEN07), we got a full introduction about the company, the products they manufacture and so on – I have never seen such a clean production process as I did in that company, not even back in Germany.

From all the meetings between the companies and InternChina including visits to their existing partner companies I got to know a lot of people and very quickly became part of a big social network in China. This hopefully will help me in my future career, wherever I will be and whatever job I want to do.

The most interesting part of my internship is the work with the other interns who are currently in China. At the moment we have around 30 Interns here in Zhuhai. My part is to keep them entertained, I organize trips and events in and around Zhuhai, for the weekend as well as weekdays. Every 2nd Thursday, I will choose a new restaurant where we all meet and talk about our experience in work and other social activities we may have took part in during our time abroad. You can have a look at older blogs from me and Monika and see what events we had planned in the past. 🙂

We are also here for the interns, whatever problems they might have, they can come to the office any time if they need someone to talk to. The InternChina Team helps and supports the interns in every circumstance, as we know from our own experience, how living abroad for the first time feels like.

 If you want to join us on our social activities in Zhuhai, apply now to do an internship with us!