My internship is off to a great start…

My internship is off to a great start…


Hi there! My name is Lutz. I am 22 years old and currently interning at the office in Qingdao. Originally from Germany, I enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures. China is number 15 on my list of countries visited. Ever since I started learning Mandarin I have been looking for an opportunity to come to China. I am very happy I finally had the chance to go and can’t wait to experience what life is (really) like in China. Getting to know the country, its unique culture and people will be a thrilling experience.
I am very grateful for the warm welcome at the office here in Qingdao. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful so I am looking forward to working with the team. My first day at the office was off to a great start when we decided to order real authentic Chinese food for lunch: Papa Jones Pizza. Delicious! I did try, however, some very spicy chicken with rice the other day which I really enjoyed (minus the hotness).

InternChina - Pizza Monday
InternChina – Pizza Monday

I am very excited for all of the new things to come in the next couple of months and am certain that I landed at a great place where I can learn lots and make some unforgettable experiences.

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