My Summer Internship So Far…

My Summer Internship So Far…

Hello, I am Calum a summer intern in the InternChina Zhuhai office. I am here for two months before I go back to University to complete my degree. I have been in China for less than three weeks and already have so many stories to tell. I was introduced to the nightlife in Zhuhai very early and have been pleasantly surprised with how much fun KTV is. I came to China unable to speak any Chinese so have attended a language exchange every week to learn from locals and try and make conversation on a daily basis easier.
I have been introduced quickly to InternChina traditions such as going for a beer on the roof every Friday night and weekly events and trips to dinner. I have also been welcomed into sporting activities such as a game of football against Chinese locals every Sunday and squash on a Monday night.

My job role involves helping set up events, marketing and going on business meetings to see potential partner companies for InternChina. Recently,  I have also been to interview other interns to see how they are getting on within their company.

This week I went to an arranged visit to a beautiful place called Guilin where we went on boat and bamboo-rafting rides, had water gun battles, visited the beautiful  Yinzi cave and got to check out the nightlife which is fair to say didn’t disappoint.

From what I have experienced so far I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship and time in China and look forward to what’s in store during the next few months  🙂

InternChina – Zhuhai