My wonderful time in Qingdao

My wonderful time in Qingdao

It’s time to say goodbye!
I started my internship four months ago here in Qingdao, and I have to say the last months were one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!

I really love Qingdao. Everyone says Qingdao is a small city compared to Beijing and Shanghai. Yes, indeed it is a small city, but I also had the opportunity to visit Shanghai and Beijing and I have to say my favorite city in China is Qingdao! I feel as if Qingdao is my hometown and that I know everything about the city. I know where to find the best restaurants, I also know where to find the best shopping districts and malls and believe me: shopping is amazing in Qingdao, especially the night market! It is worth a visit and of course, the nightlife itself is not bad at all. 


I had a great time working with InternChina. I was here for four months but I got the feeling that I’ve worked here for many years and that I’ve known my colleagues forever. The first day I arrived in Qingdao everyone accepted me and made me feel welcome. This makes working a lot easier and given the fact that it was my first time in China, I was happy not to be alone. I always had a good time and the working atmosphere was fantastic. When I had any kind of problems, questions or language barriers, someone tried to help me and find a perfect solution. We were quite a young team at work so we always had a lot of fun. I did my internship in the marketing department and I learned a lot of important things which I can also use for my future career. I will really miss my team not just because of learning so many things – I also made such good friends and colleagues. I really appreciate having had the opportunity to do my internship at InternChina.

I will definitely come back to China! As soon as I have the opportunity to come back I will take the chance. I love the culture, the people, the food… I love everything here!

I am very happy that I made this decision to come to China and do my internship in Qingdao. I will always remember my time in Qingdao.

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