New Chengdu intern – Sebastian

New Chengdu intern – Sebastian


Hello I’m Seb. Yesterday I started as a new intern at the InternChina office in Chengdu. I studied “East Asian Studies” at the University of Duisburg, Germany, and Tsinghua University, Beijing. After my graduation at the end of 2012, I decided to get into online-marketing and social-media-marketing. I have already worked in the marketing division of a large publishing company in Germany after my graduation. But I really wanted to get back into the “China-Business” and wanted to finally combine my knowledge about China with online marketing.  So here I am!

Sebastian - InternChina
Sebastian – InternChina

I haven’t seen much of the Chengdu yet, but I have the feeling that Chengdu is more “Chinese” than Beijing. Since 2006, I spend most of my time in China in Beijing for studying and for an internship, so the city of Chengdu is also new to me. My impression after my first weekend here is that there are not so many foreigners here in Chengdu than in Beijing and that “Western places” (US and European shops, restaurants) are also much less in number.

What I also like about Chengdu is that you see quite a few people from different national minorities – this really makes it very interesting.  I think that if you want to get a deeper understanding of the complex and diverse Chinese culture and its people, Chengdu is the place to be!

What makes Chengdu different and challenging is the dialect – 成都话 – they speak here. It is not as easy to understand as the 普通话 of Beijing or Qingdao, but then again this is yet another challenging insight into China’s diverse and fascinating culture.

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