New direct flights from Europe to Chengdu

New direct flights from Europe to Chengdu

With Chengdu’s economy skyrocketing year after year and thus its overall importance for the western China region growing rapidly, it now also becomes a more globalized metropolis. A clear indicator for its international standing is the Fortune 500 meeting held here from 6th to 8th of June.

This also might be one of the reasons for the opening of Air China’s new direct flight link from Frankfurt to Chengdu this weekend (19.05.2013). Because as we all know, time is money! And since the economic downturn in Europe forced all these important managers and CEOs to sell their private jets, they don’t like to waste time changing flights when they have to attend a meeting overseas. 😉

Anyhow, this additional direct flight will make travelling from Europe to Chengdu for everybody much easier at a very affordable price. The service is scheduled 3 times a week and will take about 10 hrs. The flight departs from Frankfurt at 2pm (local time), and reaches Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport at 5.40am the next day. The return flight leaves Chengdu at 1.30am (Beijing time) and arrives in Frankfurt at 6.10am (local time) on the same day. The flights have been scheduled to meet connection flights in Frankfurt, making it easy to come from or go to your final destination in Europe.

Until now the only other airline offering a non-stop connection from Europe to Chengdu was KLM. They are flying 4 times a week taking 9,5 hrs from Amsterdam. The other option would be first to fly to another major airport in Asia, like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. and then get another flight to get to Chengdu. Pretty mafan! 😉

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