New IC Intern in Qingdao – Rebecca

New IC Intern in Qingdao – Rebecca

I’m Rebecca and I will be working as a new intern at the InternChina Office in Qingdao for the next six months. I’m from Germany and I have already spent one year in Shanghai in 2012 and at that time I got addicted to the Chinese lifestyle.

This is my first internship in China, and coming to Qingdao was probably the best decision to make. In comparison to Shanghai, Qingdao is not overcrowded and there are lots of beautiful landscapes around town. Every place is easy to reach by bus and the air quality is quite good.

InternChina – In Shanghai with one of my best friends

Thanks to my co-workers, I’ve got used to this place pretty fast and I am able to discover Qingdao without getting lost. They did guide me along well and are still showing me good places to spend my free time and where to eat Chinese food.

I really love Chinese food, but it’s entirely different than the “European style- Chinese” dishes. I much prefer the real Chinese cuisine. The food is not only delicious but also cheap!

If you plan to study the Chinese language, I think Qingdao would be the best choice. They speak very clear standard Mandarin. I’ve studied Chinese for the past four years but because of the accent, Shanghai was quite a challenge.

I’m looking forward to this internship and to discover many nice spots in Qingdao. It’s going to be awesome!!

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