New in Qingdao

New in Qingdao


Ni Hao everyone.My name is Hyacinth. I am the new intern at InternChina -Qingdao office. I live just outside of Oxford in the UK, and study at the University of Southampton. My choice of a six month internship before my final year was to get a feel of the Chinese culture, learn new skills and most importantly, to meet new people.

InternChina - Me and a Hyacinth
InternChina – Me and a Hyacinth

I arrived on Saturday night on an overcrowded flight which luckily happened to get me upgraded to comfortable seats and free wine! Afterwards, I was very welcomed by the InternChina staff at the airport. My apartment is spacious and clean and I was given a handbook, water, and Oreo Cookies to settle in for the first few days which was perfect.

InternChina - Air China Flight
InternChina – Air China Flight

Moving anywhere different is a culture shock. However, with InternChina, my first week has gone very smoothly. I never feel alone, and the team is always there to sort out any initial issues. The food so far has been amazing; I have been recommended to some great places where you can share beautifully prepared plates which are so much better than the take away places in Britain. The price is even better, with some meals costing only 30RMB (around €3). The food selection is so diverse and there are dishes here for everyone. InternChina arranges weekly dinners at restaurants so you can constantly meet new people. If you are feeling nostalgic, there is no end of McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks and many other places to remind you of home.

InternChina - Thursday Group Meal
InternChina – Thursday Group Meal

Qingdao as a city has many things to offer; Firstly, it’s a coastal city and I have a great view from the InternChina office window. I am looking forward to visiting the local beer factory, the sandy beaches and all the beautiful monuments. The weather is a major advantage and it hopefully should get warmer every week into summer. I also plan to visit Shanghai and Beijing during the time I am here.

InternChina - View from Qingdao
InternChina – View from Qingdao

Here are my top tips for arrival for anyone who is arriving to Qingdao:
• Bring one adapter when you arrive to charge your phone and laptop.
• Make sure your phone is unlocked, the team gives you a SIM card, so then you can be all set to go!
• Take favorite snacks such as crisps, chocolate and tea
• Pack a picture of a friend or family member

I am looking forward to writing more blogs during the next six months and experience many new adventures.

Apply now for an internship in Qingdao, Zhuhai or Chengdu to visit and explore other places in China as I plan to do.