New InternChina Intern: Till Fornoff

New InternChina Intern: Till Fornoff

Hi there!

My name is Till Fornoff and I just started a week ago as a Marketing and Business Development Intern at Intern China’s new branch in Western China’s bustling metropolis of Chengdu.

In 2010, after I’ve already worked and travelled for two years in Australia, I felt the urge to see something totally different and went on a three month trip through China and instantly fell in love with the country, the culture and the people. On this trip I already covered a big chunk of the megacities and cultural highlights of the east coast as well as the beautiful landscapes and colorful minority regions of China’s southwest.

Back in Germany I started to study Chinese Studies / East Asian Studies at the Free University of Berlin, so I made sure that I will go back to China sooner or later – in my case sooner… After my first year in Berlin, I realized that it makes more sense to learn Chinese in a place where you can actually use the language in daily life rather than just in a classroom. So last year August I made my way to Guangzhou to start a language course at the Sun Yat-Sen University (中山大学 – ZhongShan DaXue) and finished in January.

Since it is a fact that if you want to make it in China, you need to have connections (关系 – GuanXi) to and in the Chinese business world, my plan always involved to do an internship and get first hand experiences in the Chinese business culture. That’s why I’m more than happy that I have the chance to work in a young and fast-growing company like Intern China and help other students to have the same opportunity to get to know more about this exciting and diverse country.

Even though I’m only in Chengdu for a week now, I already feel that it was a good decision to have a change from the fast paced east coast and ‘go west’, since the overall more relaxed and laid back lifestyle here is very appealing.

I’m looking forward to welcome our first interns in Chengdu and explore with them together what the city has to offer!

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