New Qingdao Intern – Hanna Sand!

New Qingdao Intern – Hanna Sand!

Hello everybody! 大家好!
I’m Hanna, 26 years old, from Germany, just arrived in Qingdao last friday and since I’m gonna stay here for six months, I’m gonna try to introduce myself.
So as I said, I’m from Germany, Hamburg, which is pretty far up north, so I actually pretend to be Scandinavian and not German, but since I have been living in Austria for the last 6 years, everybody thinks I’m from southern Germany/Austria, like my new boss Jenny did before she saw my passport. 😉
In Vienna I’m doing my Masters degree in East Asian Economy and Society (gonna start learning Japanese next year, yeeha!!!) and Sinology. I have already spent one year in China studying only Chinese language, but since am getting older every day, I tend to forget a lot of stuff so hopefully living in Qingdao for half a year will help me to improve my chinese language skills again.

Today’s the first day in the office, so everythings pretty new around here. It took me all morning to set up the Email program, add a new skype account, trying to log into facebook and then getting the account locked ’cause InternChina has too many friends… Lesson I learned: Never try to log into facebook with another country’s Vpn, it’s gonna be a lot of trouble.
Luckily I already met most of the team on friday and saturday, so I wasn’t too nervous to go to work this morning. From my desk I can see the ocean, which makes me – as a fake-Scandinavian – quite happy. 🙂

So, since you’re all probably gonna hear more from me in the next months (next blog entry might be Hanna complaining about chinese winter and not-very-well-isolated-buildings and what to do against that) this is goodbye for now! 🙂

InternChina – Hanna Sand