Off the Great Wall

Off the Great Wall


Hey guys today I want to introduce you to – ‘Off the Great Wall’ –  it’s a great Youtube channel, made by Mike, Yi, Mia and Mike who are four Americans with Chinese heritage. Their videos are for both foreigners and Chinese nationals such targeting those who grew up in the west and want to learn more about China and Chinese culture in a relatable, entertaining way.
They talk about many different topics ranging from food, Chinese Traditional culture, Chinese/ Cantonese slang, cultural differences, funny news from China, Chinese dinning etiquette etc… .

If it’s your first time coming to China or if you just want to learn more about Chinese culture in a very funny way you definitely have to check out  their videos

My favorite videos are:

The complicated Chinese Family Tree – it’s not just Mom, Dad and Hey Bro in China


How to Speak with Numbers in Chinese – everybody knows about Chinese number hand signs, but do you know the meaning behind 0487?


Asian Swag Class – not meant to be taking seriously!


Chinese Vampire and Zombie Apocalypse – They do not glitter in the Chinese version, they hop around.


For more in-depth knowledge will probably gain more by reading a good old book on Chinese culture, but Off the Great Wall is a good start.