Office in Zhuhai

Office in Zhuhai

Well, the time has finally arrived. InternChina went Zhuhai. Here is a map with the office location, and how to get there from the port (you can take Bus No. 12 – 2 Bus stations to Jiao Hang Da Sha)

InternChina- Our new office location on a map of Zhuhai

We opened the office exactly yesterday, one week ago. Since then, a lot has happened. Horses on the streets, I barred everyone from the office, while having a nice ice-tea in the sun, saw a horse on the beach, went to the beach, the first intern arrived and I picked her up, had really good BBQ’s on the street (only starting at 10:00pm), got a rash and went to a hospital (where you apparently can eat for free, as I found out. Or is just didn’t pay) and the nurses are very nice, Jamie found some very good and promising companies here in Zhuhai, had a couch surfing meeting with awesome food, was introduced to the local beer brand: Hai Zhu (stronger than Qingdao pi), all in all: an almost perfect start.

I only have been to Jida so far, because work is killing me, but I (or someone else) will add more pictures of other places. There is quite a lot to do, when coming to Zhuhai. You can visit the little islands (more info on wikitravel, click the link), go to the New Yuan Ming Palace, go to the reservoirs in the mountains (I am def. gonna do that!).  Oh yes, sorry the pictures:

OK… one sad last thing: this is most probably my last blog post, because I am leaving China in a little less than 10 days. It was a really great time and I loved all of it (well except being ill some time and the rash… uh.. that was so bad). But I will definetly come back to China.

Oki doki!