Striding Towards Sustainability: Offsetting Carbon Emissions with CNaught

Striding Towards Sustainability: Offsetting Carbon Emissions with CNaught


Striding Towards Sustainability

We’re proud to announce Pagoda’s latest partnership with the popular carbon credit marketplace, CNaught. This partnership reflects our continued dedication to improving the environmental sustainability of our Global Experiences and using business as a ‘force for good’.  

Why CNaught?

CNaught is a carbon-offsetting company on a mission to make the purchase of carbon credits plain and simple. Since 2022, it has retired more than 10,000 carbon credits towards innovative projects. Supported by the World Economic Forum, CNaught uses Oxford’s Principles for Carbon Offsetting to build five project portfolios that are diverse in type and geography. These are: 

  • Emissions Reduction. Credits in this category fund projects that reduce emissions through renewable energy and destruction of refrigerants. 
  • Conservation. Credits in this category fund nature-based projects which help to protect natural sources of carbon storage. 
  • Capture and Storage. Credits in this category fund industrial carbon capture and storage at point of source. 
  • Short-lived Removal. Credits in this category fund nature-based projects that remove existing carbon to store it in new plants. 
  • Long-lived Removal. Credits in this category fund the newest engineered solutions for carbon removal, like direct air capture. These technologies are not yet available at scale. 

Why Offsetting?

Here’s why we’ve chosen to offset the emissions from our Global Experiences: 

  1. Reducing Our Carbon Footprint: International mobility, by design, generates significant carbon emissions. We’re on a mission to change this. CNaught facilitates the purchase of science-backed carbon credits for global projects which directly reduce or remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, counterbalancing the emissions from international travel. By partnering with CNaught, we can actively contribute to mitigating the environmental impact of our programmes.

  2.  Aligning with Our Values: Carbon consciousness is one of our core values. And as a certified B Corp, we believe in using business to create real change for our workers, partners, participants and the planet. Our Sustainable Global Experiences train participants in Carbon Literacy, providing them with the knowledge and skills to reduce their carbon footprint in their daily lives. Partnering with CNaught demonstrates our commitment to taking concrete action towards a greener future.

  3. Enhancing Our Programme Experience: We make every effort to ensure all participants gain international exposure and professional development opportunities during our Global Experiences. How? By embracing ‘slow travel’, selecting low-carbon programme activities and offsetting our residual emissions against sustainability projects that are chosen by our participants. Making our programmes one giant step closer to achieving carbon neutrality.

  4. Tracking Our Emissions Efficiently: Developed countries are the biggest contributors of global carbon emissions. CNaught understands this, making the purchase of carbon credits to reduce developed countries’ carbon emissions simple and efficient. Their online platform and widgets will enable us to keep track of our carbon credits and measure our global impact. This means we can hold ourselves accountable for our offsetting goals and publicly show our achievements.

  5. Building a Sustainable Future: Climate change is a pressing global challenge, and we believe that businesses have a responsibility to be part of the solution. CNaught invests in the development of advanced carbon removal technologies that could revolutionise the climate struggle. Purchasing carbon credits through CNaught thereby enables Pagoda to contribute to use business as a force for good and help to build a more sustainable, equal and fair

To reach the important goal set by the United Nations of keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030, we must all do our fair share to reduce emissions at work, at home and abroad. Our partnership with CNaught signifies a crucial step forward in our sustainability journey. Find out more about our sustainability journey here.