Our Chinese Friends

Our Chinese Friends


Hey hey,
Hope you all had a smooth weekend? Mine was quite entertaining.

Chronologically starting with Friday: maybe you remember our trip to Xinfeng from two weeks ago? On that trip we met a nice Chinese couple. She – we call her Lizzy – is a bundle of energy and her husband adores her. I think he would do anything for her.

Communicating with them is not always that easy but using hand gestures and a translation app on our phones do the work.

After the weekend in Xinfeng we met her again on Wednesday evening. What did we do? Cross stitching. No, we are no grannies… yet. It was really funny. The owner of the cross stitch shop (left in the picture) showed us how to stitch and also observed our work. Lizzy was more than happy to show us how to do it right! She was sometimes she a bit commanding… 😛

InternChina - All concentrated on cross stitching
InternChina – All concentrated on cross stitching

During this stitching session we made the decision to meet again on Friday to make dumplings together and go out afterwards:

The day started with washing and cutting of vegetables and then wrapping them up in the dumpling skins (Jenny will tell you more about this process on Friday). So far no problem. But when we wanted to start steaming them we noticed we were out of gas. But everything was good as they had an extra bottle of gas in their place. So we switched the bottle and had gas again! But Lizzy was not happy with the dumplings’ taste. While we ate this batch, the second batch was steaming on the stove. Which forgot about that it was cooking so after some time there was a burning smell… Still we had a lot of fun that evening.

Later that night we dressed up – in Qipao – and first went to the tea shop of a friend of Lizzy’s husband. Where we had some tea and wine. Next stop was Barstreet.

InternChina - Lizzy and me in our Qipaos
InternChina – Lizzy and me in our Qipaos

On Sunday, we met Lizzy again. She invited us to her brother’s place who is a chef and he cooked a big lunch for us. It was really good. The starter was a sweet soup:

InternChina - Sweet starter soup
InternChina – Sweet starter soup

After lunch, we went to the Spa where we enjoyed relaxing in the sauna and took a hot shower, followed by 100 minutes of massage. That was awesome! On our way back from the Spa, Lizzy was on the phone for a while and after she hung up she told us that soon there will be a marriage in her family and that we were invited. A Chinese wedding! Sooo cool! I am really looking forward to that and I will let you know where and when it will take place. There will definitely be a blog about it.

Oh my god, what am I going to wear?? O.o

I wonder what Lizzy’s next plan for us is. I’ll keep you up-to-date.


Gianna aka Gini aka 吉娜

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