Our new Language School in Qingdao

Our new Language School in Qingdao

This blog entry is dedicated to our partner language school in Qingdao that recently moved and which has now many advantages in comparison to their previous location.
First of all, the school is just 2 bus stations away from our InternChina office, in the near of ‘Book City’, and therefore extremely convenient to reach.

What are further advantages of the new building?

Around the school you have many small shops, where you can buy drinks/snacks during the lunch break, and also few coffee bars, offering nice coffee.

Moreover, the school is inside an office building on the 7th floor and completely new renovated. Beforehand you had plenty offices there, belonging to different companies.

Another plus is that apart from around 15 classrooms (different sizes), there is also a reception desk in the school, 2 recording rooms and 2 meeting rooms.

All in all the school looks much more professional now in the new location, although the old school was also not bad.

Inside the building you also have a hotel and a restaurant. There is one big central entrance for people working in one of those offices, people living in the hotel and us students learning Chinese there.

When arriving in advance, because of avoiding the peak of rush hour, you can chill on the very modest sofa on the first floor. 🙂

The whole staff of the school is really cool and kind, giving you the impression to be welcomed and showing interest in you and your Chinese language. They adopt the speed individually and flexible concerning making breaks, repeating special lessons and teaching things apart from the contents in the books.

We really trust them as our partner for we are cooperating with them since the foundation of InternChina, more than 6 years ago.

In the name of InternChina I can really say that we are satisfied with the school and the new place the school is located.

We are really glad to have this school as our partner and we hope that more students find the way here. It is really worth it and a great opportunity to improve one´s Chinese rapidly!

So guys, we hope to welcome you soon to our new school! 😉