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As you will see from our mission

We are working towards some pretty lofty goals and looking for some Champions to keep us focused and drive progress forward against these targets. Time is a precious resource at Pagoda but we are committed to create a space for work to happen towards these goals.

The main aim of this new internal policy is to help maintain our ethos and be socially accountable; to ourselves, our stakeholders, and the wider public.

We are open to suggestions for anything to “Champion” but are looking for people to lead on the following:

  • Social Champion & Committee Members
  • Wellbeing Champion & Committee Members
  • Environment Champion & Committee Members

More information about the Champion Committees can be found here: https://app.getguru.com/card/iExEgaxT/Pagoda-Champion-Committees

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We are looking for passionate individuals who care deeply for the above issues – this is a position that comes with real autonomy and a chance to dictate strategy and communicate a vision to all team members!

This is a chance to gain leadership and project management experience – so why not be a Champion!


  • You must be a full-time employee at Pagoda Projects to be a Champion
  • You need to be able to carve out around 3-5% of your working time to push forward your objectives (no more than 10% max!)
  • You will need to formally present progress each 1/4 to the whole team
  • Roles will be assigned for 12 months and then reviewed
  • You can organise your goals, communications to the wider team, and way of working in any way you please – we want you to be creative & innovative with your organisation
  • You can use members of the committee and internal resources such as helpdesks where necessary

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