Partner Toolkit

Partner Toolkit


We have created a toolkit for partners, with a range of documents which you can view and download. We review the toolkit on a regular basis and make amendments and additions, so please be sure to check back whenever you can.

For our partners, these documents support the work we do in relation to participant health, safety and well-being.

For other colleagues in the field of international higher education, we hope these resources might also be useful as you develop your own processes and best practice.

Toolkit Documents

Health & Safety

Health & Safety workflow

Our Participant Support Overview

Online Safeguarding Policy 

This overview lists our support procedures and corresponding supporting documents, from application to alumni.


Self-Care Plan

Participant Insurance Cover Summary

Accommodation Quality Policy

Internship Quality Policy

Confidential Information Disclosure Form – We complete this internally during a phone consultation with the participant.

Participant Individual Risk Assessment

Arrival & On-Programme

Orientation Checklist

Check-in Form – We complete this internally during a phone consultation with the participant.

Self-Care Plan

Risk Assessment & Emergency Procedures

Trip & Activity Risk Assessments


The documents contained in this section of our website have been developed over a period of years by our team. We have developed these resources based on our own experience and occasionally using relevant third party consultancy. The content of the resources remains the property of Pagoda Projects Ltd and is shared with you in the interest of supporting your daily work, sharing our experience and seeking your feedback in order to further develop our resources and best practice. By granting access to this section of our website, we trust that you will not publish the resources to the general public or share with other providers of international internships. We welcome you to adapt or directly adopt our resources as part of your own programmes and encourage you to submit any positive outcomes or suggestions for improvements to We cannot guarantee that these resources are directly applicable to your programme and they may not be suitable for use in some situations. Pagoda Projects Ltd has no legal responsibility for any disputes resulting from your implementation of the documents.

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